More than a Nelson dentist,
we are the region's only fully
qualified prosthodontist

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Nelson Prosthodontics are specialist dentists. We balance function with aesthetics to restore full confidence to your smile.
I’m Andrew Cautley, I run the only fully qualified prosthodontist practice in the entire Nelson region of New Zealand. This means we can offer you a higher level of specialist skills and practical understanding than other Nelson dentists. My successful practise has been operating for over 20 years and I am 'exceptionally proud' we give people good reasons to start smiling again.

Take a look at examples of our finished work with our ‘before, after’ photos on the dental teeth problems page. Be prepared and learn what is involved in our various specialist dental procedures or find out the many reasons why I believe Nelson Prosthodontics is your best choice to help solve any dental problems.

No matter what you are experiencing, I have learnt that every dental problem has a solution. It begins with a face to face consultation and then we work together to create a ‘Brilliant Treatment’ plan specifically for you.

Your location in New Zealand is not a problem, while many of my clients reside in Nelson, quite a few live in Wellington, the Wairarapa, Christchurch and further South.  Most say they actually enjoy visiting Nelson Prosthodontics and stay a few extra days after their  appointment to enjoy a holiday in the sunshine and 'arts culture' of Nelson.   

Thanks for visiting and I hope we can help, if you would like to discuss your situation with a trained professional just give us a call on 03 539 4255, or if you prefer you can contact us here directly.

Andrew Cautley
Nelson prosthodontics testimonials
"I would not hesitate in recommending Andrew Cautley for all and any dental work! He really listens, he then takes time to explain everything thoroughly, and always conducts himself in the most professional manner. He is a genuine professional. Andrew is my Nelson dentist because, in my opinion, there is no-one better".  — Lois, Nelson

"If anyone had told me I'd ever say this I'd have laughed in their face, but I genuinely enjoyed a visit to my dentist". — Argenia, Nelson
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